Blackberry OS10 – synchronization


Some weeks ago, something changed by Google so Partners (Contacts) are no longer syncing to OS 10 BlackBerries, in many places the false information that only paid Outlook accounts (Office 356 subscriptions) can only be synchronized online devices using OS 10, so I did a test… And see a miracle, it works in the free version too!

Create and set up an Office account on your device

  1. Signing up for an Outlook account at (registration works from the phone’s built-in browser!)
  2. Settings -> Accounts -> Add Account -> Email, Calendar, and Partners -> Enter the email address and password you created in section 1.

If you do not want to use this email address for mail, please disable it for synchronization.

Export from Google Account -> Import to Outlook Account

This is good if there are no Local Partners on the phone at all!

  1. Export contacts from (Left Side More -> Export)
  2. Import into in Outlook (Manage -> Import Partners)

Synchronize Tasks (Remember app)

  1. Open the Remember app, you already had to synchronize a Tasks task list to your phone, if you create a new job in it, it will be synchronized to
  2. If a task list is not enough (eg because of separate projects) then the bottom right corner -> New task list -> Save to -> Outlook, then this task list will also be synchronized.

It is important to note that if you do not create them in these task lists, the task is not synchronized! I could not move an existing task to an existing Task List.

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